As a mariner, one gets to know many different people and cultures.
Mariners visit many countries. What we learned from this, is that every
human being is unique, each with their unique qualities. We believe
when focused on these qualities, those can be developed. This allows
each individual to make a successful contribution to society. This is
important in today’s constantly changing work environment. By using
our experience, and that of other professionals, we believe we can
contribute to everyone out there, that wishes to become more
successful in what they do.

  • Early 1990s

    Ruurdt went to sea, sailing the world, facing worldly challenges, while isolated at sea, and created solutions.

  • End of the 1990s

    Ruurdt became a landlubber, approaching challenges from a different perpective.

  • Early 2000

    Ruurdt founded his own corporation in the USA. The seagoing experience turned out to be advantageous in problem solving.

  • Before and after 2010

    Ruurdt worked on- and offshorefor an IACS Class Society, but also for the world largest drilling company. In 2016 Ruurdt immigrated to Suriname. As of July of 2016, it became clear it would be advantageous to share the gained experiences and knowledge. The training & coaching center First Meridian was born.

  • Today

    We offer a diverse portfolio of (online) training and coaching, helping individuals to elevate themselves to new levels in the workforce.