Vision, Strategy and Mission of First Meridian


Our strategy is to use our in house knowledge in combination with subject matter experts. We are working closely together with international certified Institutes, according to international recognized standards.


First Meridian aims to become a market leader in training and consultancy in the Guyanas for the skill and knowledge advancement through highly specialized programs and research to meet the aspiration of the mining, oil and gas and general industry.


First Meridian is committed to share the know how and experience of their team, and their experts. We do this through specialized training programs, by coaching and educating every individual, so they and their teams can become more effective, very efficient and top of the line experts in their field of expertise. Our approach is unorthodox, where we generally go against the grain; with that we are confident you will reach your destination sooner and successfull.

Our strength lies in over 30 years of combined experience in the Maritime-, Oil & Gas and Mining Industry including management experience.

We can assess each organization and identify their competency individually (or lack thereof), and develop custom fit courses with a pragmatic approach.

First Meridian provides several training options and training modules to increase your business’s efficiency.
Our professional team of inspectors gives you peace of mind, by performing inspections with regular intervals.

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