A focus on continuous education

We from First Meridian, have seen the performance effects of a continuous education.
We offer customized training solutions on request, because it produces better results for our clients. For over 25 years, the founders have been working for, or with leading global companies, to help improve performance. We have trained many professionals mainly in the Netherlands and the USA.

At First Meridian, we believe in on demand training and we can customize this to your needs. Whether it is the customization of our core content, or the development of potential solutions, our customization process ensures the solution supports of your objectives, and has proven to have a greater impact on performance.
Our clients choose to work with us because we provide training that is relevant to each audience while still providing a core consistency across the organization. We can customize the content of our core comprehensive training curriculum to integrate with our clients’ strategies, markets, products, sales challenges, and tools. Customization contributes greatly to the overall performance of the participants.
We are flexible in meeting your training delivery needs. Our solutions are expertly delivered and implemented through multiple delivery methods. This leads to a highly effective, seamless training solution that will drive quick wins and sustainable performance improvement for your organization.

Learning objectives & coaching

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Educate yourself now!

Would you like to develop different skills because of your current job?
Do you wish to acquire specific knowledge or skills?
Do you have a training budget from your employer?
Or do you want to retrain to another field?
Or maybe start your own company?
Take a look at the different training options we offer on our home page.

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